2023 Trips 

Women who made Omaha great

Visit five businesses and landmarks that are products of the Women who made Omaha great.  Includes breakfast at Lithuanian Bakery, lunch prepared by the cooks at St. John’s Greek Orthodox Church, and snacks at the Ukrainian Church.  $112.00 for a fun day!. 

Contact Barb Bures for information and to reserve your seat.  Family and friends welcome! .  Deadline May 1st.

Mississippi Riverboat Cruise Davenport IA  - June 28-30 has 50 participants!.  If you are still interested, contact Cece Carlson for information  if there are reservation cancelations.  Watch the Newsletter in future for fun one-day bus trips this year!!  RESERVATIONS FULL

Bridges of Madison County IA
- July one-day carpool trip including visiting bridges, museum, John Wayne’s birthplace, wine tasting and enjoying fall foliage

Chillicothe and St. Joe Missouri – August 4-5th drive trip to see murals in Chillicothe and visit  several museums in St. Joe

Loess Hills IA- October trip to view the Fall foliage 

Metro Women's Club