Metro Women's Club

Omaha Street School

3223 North 45th Street
Omaha. NE

Their mission is to empower at-risk students to discover new hope and success through education, vocation, and love in a Christ-centered environment. They have four programs. High School - Small classes and individual learning allow students to make up past credit deficiencies. They offer core classes needed for graduation and offer electives such as art, marketing, bible and music appreciation. Their goal is to help students graduate high school, find their purpose, and become productive adults. Leadership Academy - is offered to second semester juniors to give them a jump on adulthood. They partner with local businesses to expand student’s world through volunteering and entrepreneurialism. Public speaking and writing have been added to the list of important skills. HUDL - HUDL groups not only discuss trauma but also learn coping methods and tools to help them navigate school and life. Parent HUDL is a venue for confidential discussions to learn ways to better parent. Student Ambassadors is a peer-to-peer program which helps students learn and practice leadership skills. Gap U - works with recent graduates. With the guidance and support of this program young people learn skills to help them become excellent employees.

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