Outlook Nebraska, Inc.

Outlook Nebraska, Inc. is an education and training center that provides blind and visually impaired individuals with the technology training that allows them to excel in their professional and personal lives,  That increases their potential in the job market and enhances their social communications with family, friends, and colleagues.  They also help seniors, going through vision loss, recapture simple pleasures.  Individuals who complete this training learn how to use screen reading programs that allow a person to navigate a computer and the Internet non-visually.  They can operate scanners and other programs that make it possible for the blind to read print documents.  They become proficient in programs that are used to create documents and electronic correspondents.  The average age for a person going through training is 38 but they have had people ranging from 18 to 72 years old.  The training averages 9 months and is about 50% each of men and women.  Right now, they are only able to train 1 person at a time, but are adding more space to allow 4 people to be trained at the same time.  Nationally, 75% of the blind are unemployed.  Their budget is $380,000/year.

News Article on how our Charity is helping people:

Legally Blind Teens learn to Ski

A Check was presented to Outlook Nebraska for $9,600 at our May 2017 Luncheon



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