2015 - 2016 Charity

Metro Women's Club


Julie Schrader,

10845 Harney Street

Omaha, NE 68154



Rejuvenating Women is a charity that is managed by a team of non-denominational, godly women, who are committed to meeting the needs of women who are hurting.  These are women who have been put into situations against their will which have had devastating and long lasting effects on them.  Rejuvenating Women has one-on-one mentoring, group support, plus licensed therapists who provide counseling and fellowship with other women.  This past Spring they were able to obtain a Safe House - a small two bedroom home with an undisclosed address for those women needing to stay hidden.   A maximum of four women  are allowed, with two sharing each bedroom.  When a women arrives, many times she has escaped from human trafficking / prostitution, bullying, molestation, etc. and arrive with nothing.  There is an immediate need to provide them clothing and personal care items.  This is the only charity in Omaha helping women who have escaped sex trafficking.  Rejuvenating Women’s vision is “No women is without a voice.  No women is left abandoned.  No woman is left without hope”.

A check was presented to Rejuvenating Women for $10,175.12 on May 10, 2016.