2014 - 2015 Charity

Metro Women's Club

NEW VISIONS  newvisions.cc

Brandy Waller

1417 N. 18th Street


New Visions is a complex with 26 transitional living units for honorably discharged veterans and 14 permanent supportive housing units for veterans who are homeless.  The campus opened in June 2012.  The New Visions attitude is based on love, feeding the hungry, healing the hurting and touching hearts.  The 2 year program is designed to help the veterans get back on their feet while aiding in their recovery from trauma, PTSD, financial loss, relational issues and general life problems of any kind.   Twenty-two of the 28 employees are veterans who have been helped through this program.  They are looking at developing a lawn care service to employ the residents. Their funding comes from grants, private donations, and some funds from the Veterans Administration which are slow in coming.   Current needs are gas for offsite outings and gym equipment. 

For more information:http://www.mohmsplace.org/

A check for $12,000 was presented to New Visions